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Product name:Lifting and moving pillar articulated robot

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Lifting and moving pillar articulated robot

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Product specifications

Model: L-A-C-65 (load)-1500 (head)

[Pillar lifting LIFTS ALL]
*Stable, easy and quiet*
Depending on the design of the workplace, the column is mounted on the floor, the length of the column is customized, and LIFTS ALL with custom fixtures always come with enough space!
*Quiet and light weight*
Thanks to its lightweight design and convenient dimensions, LIFTS ALL can be easily installed. The light weight, combined with the low friction bearings, makes it work very quietly and smoothly.
Another good feature of the LIFTS ALL is that the arm can actually rotate 360 degrees, thanks to the clever design of the air inlet. Since the LIFTS ALL is driven by compressed air, the cost can be saved by the use of LIFTS ALL. Standby mode costs nothing!

[Moving lifting LIFTS ALL]
It is a lightweight and easy operating equipment that can be moved by forklift, and combined with different custom-made fixtures to reduce frequent lifting work.
*Quick installation of the lifting arm! *
The mobile type is as easy to use, highly efficient and quiet as the pillar type, but it is equipped with a mobile platform instead of a floor-mounted column. Of course, it's just as stable and safe.

Product Size

Max. load 65KG Total weight 450kg Sole plate size 1490mm
Jib length  2 meters Up-down travel distance 1500mm Moving methods     Common trailer
Rotation angle 360 Pressure of air source 6-7kg/cm2 Surface treatment Baking paint

Product description

1. Power source: only pressurized air source needed, with backstop safety circuit.
2. With backstop safety circuit, suspend air supply without instantaneous fall.
3. Can work with any jig.
4. Can be divided into various kinds of articulated robot (pillar type, mobile type) according to the environment.


The portability of LIFTS ALL opens up opportunities in many workplaces. The height of the crane can be easily adjusted for lifting in low and high ceiling areas. Consider combining it with sack clamps or custom clamps to lift the gearbox. Our clamps are custom made to optimize your material handling. The joints of the clamps are virtually identical, so switching from one clamp to another is fast and can be done easily by one person.