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Product name:Multifunction AGV unmanned van

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Multifunction AGV unmanned van

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications

AGV- universal type:
Body: Aluminum extrusion assembly
Load: MAX: 600kg/1000kg
Lifting capacity: Height 50mm, 16.5mm/s
Travel mode: Forward, backward, 360-degree rotation in place
Speed: 1m/s
Accuracy: Left and right ±10mm/front and back: ±10mm
Slope: 5%
Battery type: DC 48V/30AH (lithium battery)
Guidance mode: 2D Code + inertia (gyroscope) guidance
Obstacle avoidance method: LiDAR detection

Product Size

Product description

1. The AGV uses 2D code and gyroscope for precise navigation, only a few 2D codes need to be attached to the path it passes. Or use LiDAR (Light Dart) + SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) for precise navigation, no need to put any object on the ground.
2. With wing car obstacle avoidance and obstacle avoidance function.
3. Support automatic charging, battery life of more than 2 years.
4. Support for conversion into various models, including submerged type, or added conveyor belt, or added robot arm.
5. Support the function of top lift and rotation, including the function of the car rotating without moving the object.
6. Communicate with elevators and automatic doors to achieve cross-region/cross-floor automatic transport.
7. The self-made Vehicle Monitoring & Management System (VMS) is responsible for the management and control, which can achieve the multi-vehicle collaboration and mixed multi-load automatic transportation.
8. It can be connected and integrated with ERP/MES to form the fully automatic transportation system required by lights-out manufacturing.


Feature Description:
◎Industry 4.0 Ready
◎2D Code + inertia guidance, no need to modify the transport environment, with advanced SLAM algorithm, can locate the path or automatically re-plan the path, with route planning flexibility, and can reduce the restrictions by ground color and dirt.
◎AGV dynamic information is updated in real time for complete control and flexible scheduling.
◎VMS dispatching system can be perfectly integrated with ERP/MES/WMS and exchange data directly with the machine to optimize dispatching automatically and instantly.
◎It can be interconnected with elevator/automatic door/area detector to achieve cross-district and cross-floor shifting, which can automatically avoid obstacles and stop automatically when people pass by to ensure safety.
◎3D high-precision optical radar can be adaptive to complex terrain.