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Product name:Stacker type AGV unmanned van

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Stacker type AGV unmanned van

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Product specifications

AGV Forklift - Stacker Type:
Overall body length: 1,605mm~1,955mm
Body width: 1060mm/body height: 1,500mm
Fork length: 1,070mm
Radius of gyration: 1,466mm~1,812mm (without pedals)
Two/three-section mast clear height: 1,610mm~3,210mm
Maximum lifting height of guardrail: 3,025~8,565mm
Load capacity: 1,000kg~2,000kg
Climbing capacity: slope 8% (full load) ~ 18% (no load)
Traveling speed:
Manual mode: 5.5km/h (full load) ~ 6km/h (no load)
Automatic mode: 3.6km/h (adjustable according to the operating environment setting)
Communication method: Wifi protocol
Navigation method: 2D code/inertia navigation/pick and place operation positioning TAG

Product Size

Product description

1. Installed by electric forklifts from large domestic and foreign manufacturers, with high safety and durability.
2. Precise navigation with LiDAR (synchronous positioning) + SLAM (synchronous positioning and map construction), no need of ground tape.
3. With the functions of avoiding obstacling the side co-working vehicles and dodging other obstacles.
4. With the function of pallet skew detection.
5. Communicate and exchange hands with elevators and automatic doors; realize automatic transport across zones / floors.
6. The self-made Vehicle Monitoring & Management System (VMS) is responsible for the management and control, which can realize the cooperative operation of multi vehicles and automatic transportation with mixing carriers.
7. Coordinate with self-made Warehouse Management System (WMS), which can integrate the human-driven forklifts into the management, and form a collaborative environment of human-driven and unmanned forklifts.
8. Connect and integrate the WMS. After adding the material racks and forklift type AGVs, it can achieve the function of an unmanned 3D warehouse.