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Product name:Fire smoke window

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Fire smoke window

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Product specifications

1. Components: Pneumatic actuating device (pneumatic cylinder), air compressor, air storage tank, pressurized air line, control switch and other related components.
2. Power source: Compressed dry air as the power.
3 Control mode: Pneumatic switch/pneumatic shutdown

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Product description

1. A new type of open exhaust window type, distinguished from the commonly used electric automatic open exhaust window, only one set of pneumatic driven unit needed, usually with prefilled gas storage tank in advance, it can still activate the opening in power failure emergency due to fire, to provide exhaust function and meet the firefighting needs.
2. System control mode: the fire-fighting signal is sent to the control box in the smoke exhaust window area, and the control box sends out the instruction to the air source to open the smoke exhaust window without need of manually opening window. In an emergency situation due to system power outage, it can work normally in anti-failure protection function, and there is enough air pressure in the storage tank to ensure that the system can open and close.
3. Only need to supply power to the air compressor, no need to install the power control box near the smoke exhaust window, to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, green environmental protection.
4. Low cost, less maintenance, reliable and safe operation in case of fire emergency, for a longer period of time of maintenance-free quality.


1. In addition to fire smoke exhaust window, it can also be applied to general ventilation windows, skylights etc. 
2. Can be equipped with temperature sensor, wind and rain sensor system to control the automatic opening/closing of windows.