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Product name:Self-powered vacuum lifter

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Self-powered vacuum lifter

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Product specifications

■ Easy operation, fast and correct ascending/descending and vacuum suction and release control, easy to carry for all ages and genders.
■ No need for electricity or external power, able to generate its own vacuum for operation with high safety.
■ Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous products, indoor and outdoor, anything to be moved, stored and transported.
■ Able to handle horizontal or non-porous materials quickly, effectively and efficiently, without damaging the surface of iron plate or other materials.
■ No vibration issue during moving and absolutely no damage to the workpiece.
■ Various types of suction cup fixtures are available to fit different workpieces.
■ Customized design and manufacture according to the site requirements.

Product Size

Basic drawing of dimension (customized OK)


Product description


Self-powered suction iron plate fixture (hanging from overhead crane):
1.Load: 300kg
2.Vacuum suction pad (adjustable)

1.Steel plate
2.Dimension: 6.0 x 4" x 8" & 6.0 x 5" x 10
3.Weight of load max: 300kg