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Product name:Glove type handler

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Glove type handler

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications


1. Adopt two articulated robots for maximum flexibility.
2. Different installation types can be selected according to customer needs and site environment.
3. Patented product equipment.

Basic components:
1. Cylinder type crane.
2. Anti-fall device.
3. Customized gloves.
4. Control box.

Product Size

  • Basic Specifications:
Load Up and down stroke Rotation radius Horizontal movement distance Rotation angle
30kg 1500mm 2450mm 1550mm 315度
  • Standard size drawing:

  • Standard working range diagram:

Product description

1. By increasing the power control to assist the hands, without special effort, easy to operate.
2. Easily and conveniently perform relatively complex tasks, such as: rotation and tilting.
3. Suitable for moving objects with irregular shape or size.