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Product name:American-made ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems

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American-made ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems

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1. The power supply required by this equipment is three-phase, 220V voltage.
2. Various models of vacuum stations and lift tubes, match up with each other to handle objects of different weights and materials.
3. With power interruption protection feature: When the power is interrupted, the vacuum inside the lift tube can still be maintained for a while, allowing the fixtures and goods to slowly descend to the ground, avoiding sudden fall of goods and personnel injury.
4. Conveying is at high speed and can be operated by fingers movement of the toggle, no vibration issue.
5. Various types of suction cups are available to match different workpieces.

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Product description


★ The ANVER vacuum lifter is an ergonomic lifting aid that helps you increase productivity while providing an economical solution to your material handling needs.
★ ANVER vacuum lifter is easy to use, maintain and requires only minimal operator training.
★ The ANVER vacuum lifter can handle the load (by vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load without need of crane, and all movements can be controlled and completed by a single operator. Connection with vacuum suction cups allows lifting objects without worrying about damaging the surface or edges of the product due to manual gripping and lifting. A high performance fan provides vacuum power to the main hanging pipes to lift and lower the connected load. If the power supply to the fan is interrupted, a power failure safety check valve built into the 360 degree top swivel will slowly reduce the load.
★ The ANVER vacuum handler offers a wide range of lift tubes and models of vacuum stations fans, match up with each other for the most economical and safest system combination to meet your material handling requirements, increasing your productivity and creating a safer working environment.

1. Quick moving, easy operation, for users at all ages and genders to handle moving.
2. No vibration issue during moving and absolutely no damage to the workpiece.
3. When the power is interrupted, the safety control valve will be closed automatically so that the workpiece will not fall instantly, and the workpiece will be descended slowly to ensure the safety of the workpiece and personnel.
4. The controller is equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge, so that the operator can check whether the workpiece is actually picked at any time to improve the safety of use.
5. Various types of suction cup fixtures are available to fit different workpieces.
6. There is also a soundproof box to reduce the noise generated by the vacuum motor.
7. There is a long handle control switch to match the stacking of relatively large height.
8. The installation method is designed and manufactured according to the site requirements.


ANVER Corp. is a U.S. company founded in 1968 as a custom manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment and has evolved into a vacuum product manufacturer in all aspects, from a vacuum chuck to a complete vacuum handling equipment. Equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide. ANVER is committed to producing a wide range of standard or custom vacuum lifting equipment and accessories, using the latest CAD/CAM design and CNC manufacturing technologies, and through methods of electric, pneumatic, mechanical...etc. to provide material and finished product handling solutions for many industries to achieve the most cost effective solutions. By continuously producing new, innovative, and high quality vacuum products with flexible design and manufacturing processes, ANVER makes it easy for customers to understand and become familiar with the operation methods, improves the safety of product use, and provides the best customer service by strengthening customer support and developing customer loyalty to the ANVER brand, laying the foundation for ANVER to become the leader in vacuum processing technology.