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Product name:Trailer type AGV unmanned van

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Trailer type AGV unmanned van

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Product specifications

AGV Forklift - Trailer type:
☆Overall body length: 1,886mm~1,961mm
☆Body width: 730mm/body height; 1325mm
☆Fork length: 1,150mm
☆Fork outer width: 685mm
☆Fork inner width: 335mm
☆Radius of gyration: 1.658~1,733mm
☆Load capacity: 2,000kg~3,000kg
☆Climbing capacity; slope 7%(full load)~18%(no load)
☆Walking speed:
Manual mode: 5.5km/h (full load) ~ 6km/h (no load)
Automatic mode: 3.6km/h (adjustable according to operating environment)
☆Communication method: Wifi protocol
Navigation method: 2D code/Inertia navigation/Pick and place operation positioning TAG

Product Size

Product description

1. Installed by electric forklifts from large domestic and foreign manufacturers, with high safety and durability.
2. Precise navigation with LiDAR (synchronous positioning) + SLAM (synchronous positioning and map construction), no need of ground tape.3. With the functions of avoiding obstacling the side co-working vehicles and dodging other obstacles.
4. With the function of pallet skew detection.
5. Automatic charging or manually timed (usually shift) battery exchange supported.
6. Communicate and exchange hands with elevators and automatic doors; realize automatic transport across zones / floors.
7. The self-made Vehicle Management System (VMS) is responsible for the management and control, which can realize the cooperative operation of multi vehicles and automatic transportation with mixing carriers.
8. Connect and integrate the ERP / MES to form a fully-automated transport system required by light-off factories.


Feature Description:
◎Industry 4.0 Ready
◎2D Code + inertia guidance, no need to modify the transport environment, with advanced SLAM algorithm, can locate the path or automatically re-plan the path, with route planning flexibility, and can reduce the restrictions by ground color and dirt.
◎AGV dynamic information is updated in real time for complete control and flexible scheduling.
◎VMS dispatching system can be perfectly integrated with ERP/MES/WMS and exchange data directly with the machine to optimize dispatching automatically and instantly.
◎It can be interconnected with elevator/automatic door/area detector to achieve cross-district and cross-floor shifting, which can automatically avoid obstacles and stop automatically when people pass by to ensure safety.
◎3D high-precision optical radar can be adaptive to complex terrain.