About us

“FULL-SHARP” was founded in 1991, and from the beginning as a brand owner with own R&D, design, manufacturing and installation. In addition to an outstanding design team, we also recruit university professors and expert teams to assist in the development and performance improvement of the “Pneumatic Hanging Manipulator” and “Electronically Controlled Zero-gravity System” made by Full-Sharp Automatized Co., Ltd. Over the years, we have been serving our customers by continuously improving products with most energy-saving and compact appearance based on customer needs, and received good reputation from well-known clients; in the future, the Full-Sharp team will continue to serve customers in various markets with diligence, quality, sincerity and expertise.


  • 1991.04 Founded Full-Sharp Automatized Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1996.08 The improvement of the pneumatic hanging girder structure and the new product patent of the hanging controller
  • 2000.02 Develop the telescopic arm of combined manipulator
  • 2000.03 Rotary device
  • 2000.03 Develop the clamping jaw of combined manipulator
  • 2000.07 Research and develop self-made vacuum cylinders
  • 2000.11 Pneumatic bouncing devices
  • 2006.03 Apply for Taiwan patent No. 828777.115946
  • 2008.06 Research and develop gantry manipulator
  • 2012.04 Established Zhongli branch
  • 2012.05 The company was reorganized as Full-Sharp Automatized Co., Ltd.
  • 2015.08 Research and develop intelligent electronically control manipulator (new product patent/invention)
  • 2016.11 Obtained the Golden Brand Award for Zero-gravity Equipment from TAITRA of MOEA
  • 2021.06 Obtained a utility model patent for the Glove type labor-saving transfer machine
  • 2022.03 Obtained the invention patent of the Glove type labor-saving transfer machine