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Product name:Hanging Manipulator

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Hanging Manipulator

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications

1.Load: 1~200KG
2.Compressed air is used as the gravity source 6-7KG/CM2
3.Lift head: 1600MM-2200MM
4.Options for controllers: A. Floating type; B. Floating setting type; C. Button type
5.It can be used with various pneumatic balance control or electronic control
6.It can be rotated 360 degrees (or attached to the angle limiter)
7.The track material is aluminum light rail (It can be used in clean room)
8.Surface treatment: baking paint
9.It can be used in explosion-proof areas

Product Size

Model  Load(KG) Jib length Up-down lift head Remarks
FL80 80 3M 2.4M Arm length and column height are customizable
FL200 200 3M 2.4M Arm length and column height are customizable

Product description

1.Easy to install: It can be installed by yourself. It can be used right away when connected to the air source.
2.Low operating force: The operator can operate it effortlessly. (It can be operated by one finger.) It can be moved and controlled freely by hand movements.
3.Smooth operation: You can move up and down the load easily and smoothly (no dragging phenomenon).
4.Good balancing effect: When it is stopped, it will remainin a balanced state, under which you can slightly adjust the workpiece and precisely move it to adesired position.
5.High safety: Even if the external air source is suddenly lost, the workpiece does not fall immediately, ensuring to safeguard the personneland objects.
6.Explosion-proof function: Pneumatic design is adopted. No danger of electric sparks will be caused, most suitable for explosion-proof and fireproof places
7.Smooth transport: No unnecessary trouble would be caused by low noise, vibration and inching. It can be customized for any object shape. Exclusive fixturesare used to improve efficiency.
~~ This equipment is completely pneumatic and can be integrated with air pressure circuits and various types of fixtures to become zero-gravityhanging equipment~~