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Product name:Zero-gravity crane

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Zero-gravity crane

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Product specifications

1.This equipment adopts pneumatic control crane and can beoperated very frequently without worrying about such problems as motor overheat and oil leakage easily happening on traditional cranes.
2.This crane has a span of about 60CM from the top to the bottom. The operator can directly hold and align the object without pressing any chain, so as to reduce collision and damage to the workpiece.
3.When the air supply stops, the safety valve will automatically function to prevent the workpiece from falling suddenly.
4.The control mode of this equipment can be divided into: A. Up and down button switch control mode; B. Balanced no-load selection control mode
5.This equipment has a safety ejection-proof mechanism

~~This product is self-made by the company, not by any agent ~~~

Product Size

Model (Single cable)       Load capacity Effective travel distance  Outside diameter
FS-60           60kg 195cm 6"
FS-80 80kg 300cm 10"
FS-120 120kg 195cm 10"
Model (Single cable) Load capacity Effective travel distance Outside diameter
FSD-60 120kg 90cm 6"
FSD-80 160kg 145cm 10"
FSD-120 240kg 90cm 10"
※ 1. The load capacity of the main machine is from 60KG to 120KG. 2. The air source of this crane is designed at 7kg/cm2. When the pressure of the air supply is insufficient, the lifting capacity will proportionally decrease.

Product description

~~~ Our company can customize the air compressor circuit (integration design of crane and fixture control or balanced circuit design) according to customer needs to meet the different needs of the industry~~~