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Product name:Vacuum Handling Machine

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Vacuum Handling Machine

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications

1.This equipment uses three-phase electric power of 220V voltage. With power interruption protection, it is highly safe and easy to operate, handles objects fast, and causes no oscillation.
2.Various types of suction cups are available to match different workpieces.

Product Size

Model Load capacity (KG) Motor KW Max. length (MM)    Minimum length (MM)  Effective length (MM)
SLTA/140/1700 40 2.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/160/1700 60 3.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/180/1700 80 3.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/200/1700 100 3.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/230/1700 130 3.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/250/1700 160 3.45 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/2200/1700 220 3.45 2600/3557  900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/2230/1700 300 4.0 2600/3557 900/1157 1700/2400
SLTA/2250/1700 350 4.0 2600/3557  900/1157 1700/2400

Product description

1.It is easy to operate and can handle objects fast.People at any age and gender can easily operate it to handle objects.
2.This equipment does not oscillate in the operation process and will never cause damage to the workpiece.
3.When the power supply is interrupted, the safety control valve will automatically turn off the equipment, so that the workpiece does not fall off momentarily. Instead, the workpiece will descend slowly, ensuring the safety of the workpiece and personnel.
4.Various types of suction cup fixtures are available to match different workpieces.
5.A soundproof box is also provided to reduce the noise generated by the vacuum motor.
6.A long handle control switch is also available to match higher stacks.
7.Installation methods are designed and manufactured according to site requirements.

Host standard structure
(1)Vacuum motor
(2)Main crane handling tube
(3)Control handle - (One-hand and two-hand control options)
(4)Air filter
(5)Suction cup fixture
[Note] The suction cup is selected according to the workpiece style and the height is about 40-100MM.
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