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Product name:Manipulator

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications

1.Load: 5KG~80KG, 5kg~120KG, 5KG~200KG
2.Compressed air is used as the gravity source 6-7KG/CM2
3.Lift head: 1500mm
4.Jib length: 2500mm * 360 degrees
5.Fixing methods: A. Pillarjib arm type; B. Upside down fixed type; C. Patio moving type

Product Size

Product size    Measurement (Unit: mm)          
Model Load (KG) H1 B C E H2 R
FS80 80 2900 1800 300 1515 2330 2480
FS120 120 2900 1800 300 1515 2330 2480
FS150 150 2900 1800 300 1515 2330 2480
FS200 200 2900 1800 300 1515 2330 2480
FS250 250 2900 1800 300 1515 2330 2480

Product description

1.Using air pressure balance control, the manipulator can move the workpiece or make precise alignment for it when its weight has been balanced.
2.Made of steel, this equipment does not cause the workpiece to slosh and can be designed to extend into the machine to pick up objects.
3.This equipment has safety valve loop control to prevent the air supply arm or the workpiece from suddenly falling due to the sudden hanging of air pressure source.
4.This equipment can be customized according to a client's work environment, and we can also tailor-make your feedback loop systems.
~~Our company's manipulators are made by ourselves. We are not an agent or a hardware store~~


It can be made into the following types:
1. Pillar
2. Wall-mounted
3. Patio upside down
4. Pallet shifting
5. Trolley
~~~~ We can customize manipulators for your special environment ~~~~