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Product name:Building block tube

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Building block tube

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Product specifications

1.∮ 28 building block tube (4 meters long)
2.Aluminum building block tube (4 meters long)
3.ESD anti-static building block tube (4 meters long)
4.Nickel tube (Nico tube) 6 meters long
5.White iron tube (4 meters long)
6.Slide tube (4 meters long)
7.Various joints / slide rails / bumpers / rollers and other accessories

Product Size

Product size: No specific size. It can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Product description

he building block tube ismade of seamless steel tightly coated with ABS resin. The inside of the tube istreated with special anti-rust agents. We also supply anodizedwhite iron tubes and aluminum tubes. Combined with various joint fittings and parts, the ESD anti-static tubes can be assembled into various kinds of work tables, workstations, transport trolleys, material bins, racks, first-in first-out racks, AGV cars, and so on.
~~~ Our company can design, cut, assemble and deliver the products for customers. You only need to propose ideas~~~


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