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Product name:Self-powered vacuum lifter

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Self-powered vacuum lifter

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Product specifications

Product Size

  1. nsimple operation with quick & accurate position and suction & release, anyone could easily move loads.
  2. nno power as electricity / air, it’s self-powered with high safety demand.
  3. nuitablefor steel/metal; indoor/outdoor ; variety of goods need to handle.
  4. nefficient for horizontal load transport without damage on surface.
  5. nno damage during transportation.
  6. nvarious kinds of application to match different loads.
  7. nexperienced engineers could do customized application.

Product description

*Self-powered vacuum lifter tooling (Four Pad),via crane control.
1.capacity: 225kg
2.vacuum suction pad (adjustable)

1.steel plate
2.dimension: 6.0 x 4" x 8" & 6.0 x 5" x 10
3.weight of load max: 225kg