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Product name:Water-saving device

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Water-saving device

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Our company's aluminum building block tubes can be used to tailor-make different styles of sinks to meet the needs of your environment.
This water-saving device looks beautiful and offers water-saving and explosion-proof effects for your sinks.
When using it, your hands do not need to touch the faucet at all so as to avoid 2nd-hand pollutions and save water resources (without rinsing the faucet).

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Product description

Knee control anti-bacterial water-saving device, with Taiwan patent #225113 and multi-national patents
1. Easy to operate:Water stopsflowing as soon as you release the control
2. Super water-saving, antibacterial, cheap and time saving
3. Suitable for public places, hospitals, and families
4. It can be used in all kinds conditions and places

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