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Product name: Aluminum Light Rail Series

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 Aluminum Light Rail Series

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Product operation-related audio and video

Product specifications

1.2-piece aluminum combined track 80KG
2.One-piece aluminum track 200KG
~~~~It must be configured according to span~~~~~

Product Size

types Load(KG) Longest dimension of stringer The longest dimension of the beam Remarks
FA80 80 Unlimited 6M Combined aluminum rail
FA200 200 Unlimited 6M One-piece aluminum rail

Product description

1.The aluminum light rail is specially designed for its lightweight and beautiful appearance. It canresist corrosion andwithstand heavy loads. It is light and handy. It does not make noise, get stuck, and cause iron filings or oil dripping when it is in operation.
2.This track is suitable for all types of places, such as automobile assembly plants, clean room plants, food chemical plants, medical institutes, various production lines, and so on.
3.The design of this product is bolt type, no need to be welded. In the future, when the plant or production line needs to be expanded, the longitudinal beam can be easily extended. In the future, if you want to move the factory or change the production line, you can use simple hand tools to disassemble and relocate it to the appropriate position.


It can be made into the following types:
1.Monorail effort-saving hanging girder
2.Pillarjib arm
3.Wall-mountedjib arm
4.Double longitudinal beam single crossbeam effort-saving hanging girder
5.Double longitudinal beam double crossbeam effort-saving hanging girder
6.Track-changing effort-saving hanging girder
~~~~ It is so easy to install that youcan buy materials to install it by yourself~~~